For generations, the Palma Bravo family has been cultivating and
producing arriba cacao in Falvio Alfaro, Manabí, Ecuador. This area is one
of the few places in Ecuador that not only still grows arriba cacao, but has
refrained from importing other varieties of cacao. In most of Ecuador,
lower-quality cacao is more common because of its higher yields. Our
production process today is the same as it was decades ago, using
sustainable and traditional practices with no chemicals.  

In Ecuador, the majority of cacao is produced under a marketing scheme
that has been the model since the last years of the Spanish colonization.
The small farmer has relied on a string of middlepersons from the small
shopkeeper to the large, multinational corporation. Within this model the
distribution of income is based on resources, so that those with the most
capital (i.e. multinational corporations) are able to control trading conditions
and prices.  

Palma Bravo is working to change this exploitative business model by
setting up equitable relationships between the producers and consumers.
In addition, our model avoids intermediaries, which allows the farmers to
have more control over their product and wage. We work with farmers'
associations, which provide training in production techniques and social
issues related to the farmers' livelihoods. For example, they learn
sustainable production from evaluating the quality of the product to caring
for the environment. But perhaps most importantly, they are paid wages
necessary to live a dignified life.

We here at
Palma Bravo have undertaken an ambitious process, building
a business around providing a pure source of Cacao Fino de Aroma
directly to the consumer, as part of our commitment to the development of
our new country, and to guarantee fair earnings for all involved in the
production of
Palma Bravo Cacao Fino de Aroma.  
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