Palma Bravo is Cacao Fino de Aroma

Working with farmers' associations in the Manabi
province of Ecuador,
Palma Bravo provides a high
quality source of Cacao Fino de Aroma for the
consumer, while also providing a fair price for the
farmers. Cacao Fino de Aroma is the national cacao
of Ecuador. More commonly known as arriba cacao, it is a high
quality variety of cacao that originates from Ecuador. Although
known for its high quality, arriba cacao only accounts for 10%
of the world's production of cacao.  

The arriba cacao beans are intensely aromatic. They  boast a
soft texture, fine shell and are only used in the highest quality
products. The trees, however, are fragile and must be handled
with care. In addition, the arriba cacao trees produce less than
other lower quality varieties. This has led to less production,
because  farmers are  unable to find a fair price for their labor.

It is
Palma Bravo's mission to give Cacao Fino de Aroma the
recognition it deserves as an exceptional product, cultivated
through sustainable methods. The beans are handpicked, and
are  separated  by  quality  before  fermentation. From the
Ecuadorean producers hands,
Palma Bravo  uses a careful
and  technical  process  in  the  fermentation, drying  and
selecting of each and every bean. Our cacao is certified as
Cacao Fino de Aroma, which  is a classification  under the
International Cocoa Organization (ICCO).

“Palma Bravo is synonymous with exceptional product
and fair-trade practices….Palma Bravo is Ecuador”
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